Massusie Organic Healing Massage Therapy

Massusie Organic Healing Massage Therapy

Prepare for flu season or daily stress using massage therapy featuring 100% certified organic essential oils.

Massusie is the only local massage therapy office completely focused on improving well being using therapeutic grade organic essential oils in every massage. This is why we call it organic massage.

Please see our menu to decide which essential oil massage is right for you before booking your appointment.

Essential oils aren't just for massage. Please visit our office Monday, Wednesday and Friday to find out more about how you can use essential oils in your everyday diet and home remedy kit. Special diffusers are available only at Massusie to help you improve the air quality of your home as well.

Classes are also available in our office so you can learn more about the technical information regarding essential oils and how-to demonstrations so that you can comfortably use them on your own.

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