At HealthCare Midwest, you have access to a team of more
than 70 providers. Being a physician-owned group, we hold
ourselves to a higher set of standards and perform at an
unmatched level of integrity.

Ninety-five percent of our physicians are Board Certified,
illustrating our continued commitment to excellence and edu-
cation in the latest advances in medicine and patient care.

Choose the providers that receive the most referrals from
doctors – Choose HealthCare Midwest.

At HealthCare Midwest, we believe that the patient-physician
relationship should be based on trust and respect – so
we set out each and every day to earn yours. We listen. We
connect. We calm fears, share laughter and hold hands.

We care deeply for your individual success, because at
HealthCare Midwest, it's not just about health care – it's about
human care. And that's something we take very personally.

We're leading the way, always looking for the best way to practice
medicine, communicate, and use new ideas and technology to
change our patients lives for the better. Our leading-edge digital
imaging system delivers safer and more efficient diagnostic care.

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